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Alkaline Low-Foam

Alkaline Low-Foam

High-performance liquid product with maximum degreasing power. Its composition is based on low-foam products, complexing agents and alkaline hydroxides.

The product is presented in three different formats: jerrycans, containers and CM-2 System.

The low-foam alkaline formulation obtained using the CM-2 System may differ from the other formats according to the clients’ needs. For more information, see the CM-2 SYSTEM section on this same website.

Alcaline Low Foam items/box items/pallet
Available in CM-2 system - -
Carafe of 25 kg - -
IBC container of 1000 kg - -

Product Characteristics


Product Description

  • Technical washing of pieces in contact with food in machines with recirculation or that require a low level of foam.
  • Ideal for processes that require a very low dose of cleaning product.