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Deostar Deodorant

Deostar Deodorant

Product that eliminates the bad smell from fabrics, upholstery, mats and rugs, slippers and shoes, sofas, cars, curtains and clothing with a strong smell of tobacco or kitchen, etc.

It may be applied to any washable surface. The bad smell disappears once dry. It cannot be used on leather, animal-skin or suede garments.

Ferronet® items/box items/pallet
Bottle of 1 kg 12 480
Bottle of 350 g 12 1080
Bottle of 350 g 30 900
Carafe of 7 kg - 96
Carafe of 7 kg 2 72
Carafe of 14 kg - 20/40

Product Description

For sectors as diverse as: home, hotels, restaurants, car, nautical, dry cleaning, etc.

In hotel rooms, boat cabins or enclosed premises, where ventilation has not managed to eliminate strong smells of tobacco or a closed-up smell due to the surfaces being covered with fabric: carpet, upholstery, curtains, etc.

As it is a highly deodorising product, it is very useful for applying to filters from air conditioning units. It is applied by spraying after washing, leaving them to dry before refitting.

Shipping: avoid the bad smells that may occur during wintering. The product can be used for cleaning areas of the boat that are not too dirty or are susceptible to giving off bad smells due to small amounts of organic residue rotting.