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Ferronet® Instant

Ferronet® Instant

Specific product for the fast removal of iron rust and corrosion that appears on metallic surfaces and also on non-metallic surfaces (wood, polyester, varnishes, etc.) stained by rust that may come into contact with them.

Presented in a format that can be easily applied, Minea onboard rust remover does not give off toxic or corrosive gases, thus avoiding future rust due to use of the product itself.

Ferronet® Instant items/box items/pallet
Spray of 750 cm3 10 -

Product characteristics


Product Description

  • Removing occasional rust stains from paint caused by small pores or incisions. Spray over the area and rinse. Fast and effective.
  • Removing rust from fibreglass recreational craft.
  • Ideal for cleaning dribbles of rust coming from rusty metallic parts of the craft.
  • It may attack painted surfaces (especially if they are old) taking away their shine or even changing the colour of the paint.
  • Do not apply to shiny light metal surfaces (aluminium, zinc, etc.) as it may remove their sheen.

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