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Descaling liquid of an acidic nature that is very powerful for removing rust, grease and limescale.

Minea Ferronet simply and effectively removes the rust and corrosion that occurs on metal surfaces exposed to damp and on non-metallic surfaces (wood, polyester, varnishes, etc.) stained by rust that may come into contact with them.

Minea Ferronet is also a product for eliminating limescale with utmost efficiency and a highly effective degreaser.

Ferronet® items/box items/pallet
Bottle of 1 kg 12 480
Bottle of 350 g 12 1080
Bottle of 350 g 30 900
Carafe of 7 kg - 96
Carafe of 7 kg 2 72
Carafe of 14 kg - 20/40

Product characteristics

Product Description

Minea Ferronet’s singular characteristics make it a multipurpose product that covers different sectors–both industrial and DIY:

  • For removing large rust stains from paintwork on hulls, bulkheads, rails, tanks, silos, etc.
  • Removing rust from fibreglass recreational craft.
  • Removing rust and limescale that forms inside pipes, heaters, heating or cooling circuits, coffee machines in bars, irons, etc.
  • Removing residue and limescale that builds up in basins, baths, toilets or any other vitrified accessory.
  • For cleaning, prepping for painting and maintenance of railings, fences, gates, bars, etc.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools and their accessories, acting on rust, limescale, algae, grease and oils.
  • Cleaning and removal of limescale and soap residue from washing machines and dishwashers.
  • Shines, cleans and removes limescale and rust quickly and deeply from all kinds of chrome, vitrified and stainless steel taps, sinks and drains without damaging them.

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