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Gel Mecanic

Gel Mecanic

One test is worth more than 1000 words. All of the company tradition in a product for cleaning the hands of people who handle greases, heavy oils, inks, etc., and who have to remove the dirt quickly and efficiently.

It takes great care to respect skin, has a pH equal to that of human skin and does not contain solvents.

This product available in wall dispensers and jerrycans.

Gel Mecanic items/box items/pallet
Bottle of 500 g 12 -
Bottle of 500 g 24 -
Carafe of 5 kg (+ dosificador) 2 48
Carafe of 10 kg - 40
Carafe of 25 kg - 24

Product Characteristics

Product Description

– Handwash for industrial use.

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