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ODÍN has protective, penetrating, lubricating and antioxidant properties. Thanks to its high permanence, it protects parts and components that are exposed to the effects of humidity, salinity and atmospheric elements.

ODÍN is dielectric, protective agent that dissolves fats and oxides, and helps release metallic parts that get stuck.

Odin items/box items/pallet
Aerosol of 400 cm3 12 45/90

Product characteristics


Product Description

NAVAL AND NAUTICAL USE: ODIN is essential in the preparation of winter storage and maintenance of naval fleets. Applying ODIN on metallic parts, motor, marine equipment, etc. will keep them lubricated and protected for a very long period of time.

AUTOMOTIVE: Multipurpose lubricant that penetrates, loosens and mobilises any part or seized components while protecting it from new oxidation and deterioration.

DO-IT-YOURSELF: For the home and garden, use it to maintain hinges, bicycles, motorcycles, lawnmowers, fishing gears, your vehicle, a firearm, etc.

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