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All the range of Minea products

Our wide range of products covers all needs of the naval, nautical and industrial sectors.

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Acid Foam Concentrated acid detergent designed for daily and periodical cleaning in the food industry. Product Characteristics    
Alkaline Foam High-performance liquid product with maximum degreasing power. Its composition is based on foam products, complexing agents and alkaline hydroxides. The prod
Alkaline Foam With Chlorine Concentrated alkaline detergent designed for daily and periodical cleaning in the food industry. Formulated jointly with sodium hypochlorite. Product Cha
Alkaline Low-Foam High-performance liquid product with maximum degreasing power. Its composition is based on low-foam products, complexing agents and alkaline hydroxides. The
Ammonia cleaner General cleaner with ammonia. Characteristics Product      
Anti-foam It is a silicone-based, low-toxicity antifoam surface agent.  
Anti-Foam C Silicone-free anti-foam. Suitable for a dense, protein-based foam. Product Characteristics
BF-24 Very powerful alkaline degreaser. Especially for conventional and convection steam ovens, extractor hoods, fryers and any surface highly contaminated by grease.
Bioestatico Combustible Es un aditivo de combustible indicado para el control de contaminaciones microbianas asociadas al almacenamiento de carburantes. Biodegradable. Product c
Bleach Common liquid bleach with 4% active chlorine. Characteristics Product      
CLB-50 Brightener white milky silicone based. Suitable for dashboards and smooth surfaces  
Deck Defender Extraordinarily high-performance cleaner specifically for hulls, inflatable boats, RIBs, fenders, sailcloth, tarpaulins, anti-slip decking, boat upholstery, gel
Deostar Deodorant Product that eliminates the bad smell from fabrics, upholstery, mats and rugs, slippers and shoes, sofas, cars, curtains and clothing with a strong smell of tob
Dersan-2 High-quality, super-concentrated, liquid detergent. Suitable for all types of clothes and automatic dispensing. Product Characteristics  
Descalmax Liquid product made up of surfactants and fine soaps to achieve effective degreasing and cleaning of bathtubs. It incorporates products to eliminate limescale a
Desinfectant DD-465 Disinfectant suitable for the food industry, complies with all regulations.    
Dishwasher Machine Basic liquid dishwasher suitable for dispensing. Characteristics Product
Dissoltack It's a professional stain removal product. It has a high wetting, dispersing and degreasing power. It can work at all temperatures and with any type of water. I
DQ-15 Specifically for removing sun cream stains.    
E-200 Moisturising additive for better degreasing and cleaning of clothes. Product Characteristics    
ECL-20 High-quality, enzymatical detergent. For all kinds of clothes that do not required special care. Product Characteristics    
ECL-25 High-quality, enzymatical detergent. For coloured clothes that require special care. Product Characteristics    
ECL-4 Vigorous washing powder for all kinds of clothes. Suitable for semi-hard water. Product Characteristics    
F-200 It is an acidic liquid descaler, with high deoxidizing and decalcifying power. It is not a harmful product. Suitable for food use. Biodegradable.  
Ferronet® Descaling liquid of an acidic nature that is very powerful for removing rust, grease and limescale. Minea Ferronet simply and effectively removes the rust an
Ferronet® Instant Specific product for the fast removal of iron rust and corrosion that appears on metallic surfaces and also on non-metallic surfaces (wood, polyester, varnishes
Fouling Remover Super-acidic liquid product for eliminating organic waste below the waterline. Product characteristics
FREGA-10 Very highly-concentrated product for cleaning floors. It has been designed for use with the CM System as it allows other additives. Characteristics Produ
Fuxsol Neutral general cleaner. Powerful cleaner for kitchen dirt and backward dirt in all types of work centers.      
Gel Mecanic One test is worth more than 1000 words. All of the company tradition in a product for cleaning the hands of people who handle greases, heavy oils, inks, etc., a
Gel Mecanic Forte It's an advanced formulation product for deep hand cleaning, when it comes to removing fats, heavy oils, resins, inks, dirty or burned oils, etc., quickly and e
Hidroalcoholic Liquid Product for preventive cleaning of surfaces. Does not damage the skin of the hands. Biodegradable. Suitable for the food industry.  
Humitack Removes stains produced by damp. Product Characteristics        
Inoxmin It's a polishing cleaner for stainless and polished surfaces. Product Characteristics        
Intermax-1 It is a liquid product designed for cleaning and descaling of refrigeration circuits.        
Kitex Paste for difficult stains such as wax, lipstick, body oils, tanning creams, etc.        
Lavylan High-quality, super-concentrated, liquid detergent for delicate clothes (wool, silk, linen, etc.). Product Characteristics      
Lemon Freshener Air freshener with lemon scent perfume.  
Liquid Concentrate Concentrated soap flush for continual use. Product Characteristics      
Liquid-V Soap flush for continual use. Product Characteristics      
LS-3 Producto líquido muy desengrasante de pH neutro. De alta concentración en materia activa. Muy solubles en agua. Incorpora un abrillantador que da luminosid
LS-3 SE MINEA LS-3 SE is a highly degreasing liquid product with a neutral pH. High concentration in active matter. Very soluble in water. It incorporates a brightene
LS-4 Neutral, emulsifying and dispersing foam. Suitable for general maintenance, cleaning, machine parts. Does not attack aluminium. Product Characteristics
Mediterrani Air Freshener Air freshener with soft perfume and pleasant present odor.  
Multi-use Cleaner It is a DEGREASING liquid product, not foaming, very volatile, whose composition consists of alcohols and mild solvents. Product Characteristics  
N-100-DD Liquid product with high DEGREASING, DESCALING AND DECARBONISING power. It can be said to be a true multicleaner against dirt. Besides its high versatility,
N-100-S General degreaser. Product Characteristics
N-500-DD Basic degreaser with high emulsifying power that is easy to apply, vigorous against all types of dirt, and useful as a professional stain remover. Can be dilute
Nacar Liquid Soap It's a cream soap for cleaning or washing from the hands of great concentration in active matter. It has a neutral pH, so that leaves the hands with a pleasant
Neutraliser Additive for neutralising alkaline residues. Product Characteristics      
Odín ODÍN has protective, penetrating, lubricating and antioxidant properties. Thanks to its high permanence, it protects parts and components that are exposed to t
Onboard Multisurface Cleaner that can be used directly without requiring rinsing. Suitable for all types of smooth surfaces. Product characteristics
Oxaclean Kit Kit for cleaning the cooling system. Product Characteristics      
Plus Dishwasher Machine Dishwasher machine for all types of water. Advanced formulation. To be used with a displacer.  
Recoverer Specifically for recovering the colour in clothes that have faded. Product Characteristics      
Softener Concentrated and perfumed fabric softener. Product Characteristics      
Speedcleaner Engine Cleaner It's a liquid product based on a balanced composition of solvents that make it a very energetic INDUSTRIAL DEGREASER. Dissolves and removes oils from any source
Starsol Adjuvant Strong degreaser for bilges and engines. Suitable for fuel stains, industrial lubricants and fuel tanks. Does not contain water. Product characteristics
Starsol Bilge Cleaner Strong degreaser for bilges and engines. Suitable for fuel stains, industrial lubricants and fuel tanks. Does not contain water. Product Characteristics
TC-30 Active oxygen for eliminating difficult stains on coloured clothes. Product Characteristics      
Teak Cleaner Product designed to eliminate old dirt and dirt produced by air pollution, the effect of the salt environment, organic residue or grease on marine plywood and t
Triclor Concentrated active chlorine, for the elimination of difficult stains on white clothes. Product Characteristics      
Wash Marine General neutral emulsifying cleaner. Washes and creates lather with salt water. Product characteristics      
Wip-5 Magic sponge. Wash only with water.        
Xemglass Liquid product with an alkaline pH of high concentration in degreasing and moisturizing active materials, achieving a highly effective product.